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Author: Wolfengagen V.E,
Professor, Institute "JurInfoR-MSU", Dept. of Advanced Computer Studies and Information Technologies.
Methods and Means for Computations with Objects. Applicative Computational Systems.  -- M.: JurInfoR Ltd., 2004. -- xvi+789 p. ISBN 5-89158-100-0.

Those models, methods and means are covered that are based on the notion of object. An approach based on the operations of application and functional abstraction is used resulting in the closed consideration of applicative computations within the elementary framework. The material covered in this book was used for delivering the various versions of courses in computer science.
The essential theoretical background corresponds to the high international level, and the basic computational ideas, notions and definitions are explicated. 

The book is intended for computer science students and professionals in informatics. It may be used as a sourcebook for graduate course on theoretical computer science.

Preface of the editors of the series

Computer science and information technologies have become omnipresent and continue to promise changes that more and more involve, practically speaking, all the spheres of our life. First of all, the new technologies make it easier to get access to diverse information and produce masses of information in electronic form, changing by this both the character of work and its results. Indeed, many products, being of great demand, are produced in the form of a sequence of bits, with an exceptionally high tempo of their changes. Changes involve both separate professions, and the whole branches of industry and knowledge. In real state of things, the development of information technologies has led to the appearance of virtual reality.

Contemporary society is just beginning to get adapted to virtual reality, the capabilities of which are being appropriated quickly enough. While at its early stages of development programming was a kind of art with a programmer creating a program in order to solve a definite task and providing it with more or less detailed documentation. By now, a powerful industry of programming has been created, complete with accompanying software engineering. At present, in the research in the field of programming or in the sphere of computer sciences, as a rule, support is given to works in which a slight improvement is introduced in the solution of the already well-known problem. At the same time no attention is paid to really important and basic research, being the way to search for new computation concepts, while insufficient attention is given to accumulation of knowledge in the field of programming.

This series of volumes is meant as a continuing row of publications in the field of computer science, information technologies and programming, promoting the accumulation of knowledge in the above-mentioned fields. It is assumed that these publications may be used for presentation of separate courses and can also promote scientific research. As a rule, the volumes of the series are meant to satisfy the needs of readers of various levels, starting with students that have the aim of getting initial familiarization with the subject itself, up to specialists in different branches of computer sciences. Thus, the publications of the planned series are meant to reflect the current status of the given field and also to provide the basis for systematic study of different sections of computer sciences, information technologies and programming.
Moscow, 2003 The Editors of The Series