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Informatics and Computer Science

Wolfengagen V.E.

Methods and means of computations with objects. Applicative computational systems.  -- M.: JurInfoR Ltd.,  "Center JurInfoR" Ltd., 2004. -- xvi+789 p. ISBN 5-89158-100-0.
Summary. For researchers, students and postgraduate students in informatics and computer science. The book can be used for the initial study and self-studying of this topic.

Wolfengagen V.E.

Combinatory logic in programming. Computations with objects through examples and exercises. -- 2-nd ed. -- M.: "Center JurInfoR" Ltd., 2003. -- x+337 . ISBN 5-89158-101-9.
Summary. The book is intended for computer science students, programmers and professionals who have already got acquainted with the basic courses and background on discrete mathematics. It may be used as a textbook for graduate course on theoretical computer science.
Download this book (DJVU file 698 KB).
eWiC: electronic Workshop in Computing (series edited by C.J. van Rijsbergen)

Rainer Manthey and Viacheslav Wolfengagen (eds.) 

Advances in Databases and Information Systems. -- Proceedings of the 1st East-European Symposium on Advances in Databases and Information Systems (ADBIS'97), St Petersburg, 2-5 September 1997, http://ewic.bcs.org/categories/conferences.htm Springer, Published in collaboration with the British Computer Society
Summary. To access the full papers you must have a copy of this booklet, which provides the passwords you need. Locate the workshop on the eWiC web site at
... and follow the instructions, entering the passwords as requested.