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Viacheslav Wolfengagen 

How to reach me: 
E-mail: vew@jmsuice.msk.ru  
Phone: +7 (095) 323-9437 
Room: 45-214 at bld. 45 of MEPhI 


Professor Viacheslav Wolfengagen received his Candidate of Technical Science degree in 1977 and the Doctor of Technical Science degree in 1990 from Moscow Engineering Physics Institute for the research work "Conceptual Method for Developing Data Banks". He is a full professor of discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science at the Cybernetics Department of MEPhI and a professor of programming languages at the Cryptology and Discrete Mathematics Department of MEPhI. He is a professor of informatics at System Integration and Management Department of MIPhT. Since 1994 he has been with the Institute for Contemporary Education ``JurInfoR-MSU'' in Moscow where he is currently a head of the Department of Advanced Computer Studies and Information Technologies.


He is a member of Moscow Chapter of ACM SIGMOD. He chaired the 1999-2005 International Workshop on Computer Science and Information Technologies (CSIT) (CSIT'99, ..., CSIT'2005). He chaired the 1996-97 East-European Conference on Advances in Databases and Information Systems (ADBIS). During the years from 1993 he was a Steering Committee Member and Program Committee Member at ADBIS (ADBIS'93, ... , ADBIS'97, ..., ADBIS'2004, ADBIS'2005). During the years he was a Program Committee Member at:   International Conference on Business Information Systems (BIS'99, BIS'2000, BIS'2001, BIS'2002, BIS'2003, BIS'2004, BIS'2005, BIS'2006); International Conference On Information Systems Technology and its Applications (ISTA'2001, ISTA'2002, ISTA'2003, ISTA'2004, ISTA'2005 ); International Conference On Data Engineering (ICDE’2001, ICDE’2002, ICDE’2003, ICDE'2004, ICDE'2005); European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS'2002, ECIS'2003, ECIS'2004, ECIS'2005); 29th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases (VLDB’2003, Berlin, Germany) – Core Database Technologies; International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies (WEBIST'2005), The 6th International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications Services (iiWAS'2004, iiWAS'2005), Ubiquitous Web Systems and Intelligence Workshop (UWSI 2005), International Conference on Computing, Communications and Control Technologies (CCCT '04, CCCT'05).

Undergraduate and postgraduate training:

He introduced a course in Discrete Mathematics in MEPhI to teach undergraduates to solve substantial problems in Theoretical Computer Science. Course topics include applicative computations (lambda-calculus and combinatory logics), design of abstract machines and evaluators, evaluations in a category, Categorical Abstract Machine, typed calculi. The course is equipped with the guides are being written to get acquainted students with the principle solutions in a theory of computations, and this year is being shared with Dr. Alexandre Gavrilov (bs-avg@east.ru).


His research interests include data models, database design, software development databases, object and object-oriented programming and design, computation theory, programming languages, applicative computational systems. He was a manager of research and development projects Logical Applicative Modeling Base of DAta LAMBDA (version 3, project 93-01-00943 granted by RFBR), Categorical Object-Oriented Abstract Machine COOAM (project 96-01-01923 granted by RFBR), Metadata Objects for Proxy-Based Computational Environment (project 99-01-01229 granted by RFBR).


He is author of the books Logic: Techniques of Reasoning (2001, Center ``JurInfoR''; 2nd edition 2004, Center ``JurInfoR''), Constructions in Programming Languages: Methods of Description (2001, Center ``JurInfoR''), Categorical Abstract Machine: Introduction to Computations (2nd edition 2002, Center ``JurInfoR''), Combinatory Logic in Programming: Computations with Objects through Examples and Exercises (2nd edition 2003, MEPhI -- Center ``JurInfoR''), Methods and Means for Computations with Objects: Applicative Computational Systems (2004, JurInfoR Ltd.).

Here are some books of previous years (in Russian):

New books:

Download this book (DJVU file 698 KB).


Here is the list of dissertations

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